Welding Services

Are you looking for reliable, efficient, and high-quality welding services? At California On-Site Welding, we offer commercial, industrial, residential, and emergency mobile welding services. Whether you are a manufacturing company, building contractor, construction company, city agency, or private homeowner, we have the expertise, equipment, and materials to complete your project. Over several years, we have served hundreds of businesses, industries, and homeowners by providing top-notch welding services, including consultations, precision welding, assembly, fabrication, and more. Check out our different welding service options, discover our specialties, and contact California On-Site Welding.

Mobile Welding

Our mobile welding services allow you to streamline projects, guarantee quality results, and maintain oversight through every aspect of your projects. Mobile welding services are the perfect welding solution for large and complex structures as they eliminate the need for transportation hassles. Instead of struggling to transport an awkward and heavy structure, we, the welders, come to you. For convenience, timely results, and full project control, mobile welding services are the right choice for you.

Commercial Welding

Commercial welding involves using advanced techniques and high-grade materials to ensure the welded structures meet industry standards for strength, durability, and safety. We can assist with multiple commercial welding projects, including construction, pipe repairs, and commercial equipment. Our knowledge of diverse welding techniques allows us to assist with many commercial welding projects.

Industrial Welding

Industrial welding caters to large-scale projects featuring heavy-duty materials. Due to the materials used and the scale of projects, industrial welding requires advanced welding techniques and stringent safety and quality standards.

Residential Welding

Do you have any home projects in need of welding? Our residential welding services can help with multiple home projects, from installing water heaters to repairing docks and pipes. Undertaking welding projects on your own poses many safety risks. With our residential welding services, you can remain safe and guarantee quality results since we handle everything, from providing the expertise and equipment to travel.

Emergency Welding

Some welding projects can’t wait. Emergency situations call for prompt, precise, and professional welding services. Our emergency welding services ensure you can contact professionals at any hour and receive fast-acting attention to several issues, from broken fuel tanks to compromised structural support posts.

Our Specialties

California On-site Welding has been a trusted supplier for Delphi Control Systems for over two decades. The quality, timeliness and expertise provided by our services have enabled Delphi Control Systems to continue to support its customers with welded sampling and analysis products that always have a professional finished appearance. At California On-Site Welding, we offer multiple welding services that can help with many projects and needs. Contact us today to book your service!

Client Testimonials

Richard G. Pascuzzo Former President, All American Crane Maintenance

I’ve used the services of California On-Site Welding and Dave Cutsinger for commercial, industrial and residential jobs. They are prompt, fairly priced, reliable and provide high quality solutions to complex fabrication challenges. The welds are some of the finest I’ve seen and the selection of the right tool for the right job is always available due to their extensive inventory of welding and fabricating equipment. California Onsite Welding has been a part of many projects in the past and will continue as such, well into the future.

Scott Crail Quality Assurance Manager, Delphi Control Systems, Inc.

California Onsite Welding has been a trusted Supplier for Delphi Control Systems for over two decades. The quality, timeliness and expertise provided by California Onsite Welding has enabled Delphi Control Systems to continue to support its Customers with welded sampling and analysis products that always have a professional finished appearance.

Rene Freyre

Dave, from California on site welding came out to work on my feather light Weekend Warrior. Since my toy hauler was originally built for light trucks, and had mileage. I started to notice structural cracks in the welding joints that held the hangers for the leaf springs. This was causing additional structural damage on the trailer. Dave was extremely professional. I had google drawings on fixes others had performed. Dave, went beyond what I call normal work. Dave made recommendations of my pictures from Google, Dave welded pieces of steel in spots that others would take the short/easy approach. Without adding much weight, my trailer is now in better structural integrity that the factory model. I have taken several trips since Dave performed the work. The trailer tracks true, and is able to handle the rough terrain when I go to the desert. In my experience, I will never use anyone but Dave at Californiaonsitewelding versus anyone else. Dave, thank you for your meticulous and excellent workmanship. A very happy customer.

Mark Dubreuil, TLM Properties

Just want to send an email to thank California On-Site Welding for exceeding our expectations! Your company is FIRST class, 10 out ten for quality and workmanship. Dave was great to work with, always showed up on time and did fantastic job. Please feel free to use us as a reference should you ever need one!!

Patrick Joyce - Three Peaks Corp

California onsite welding took care of my critical welding needs! No drama or complications, did exactly what he promised, will use in future!

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